Deltanexx is a software and services company focusing on streamlining and optimizing your business processes with the help of the Microsoft ecosystem. Through our extensive experience in the world of business applications, we have built a way of working that focuses on quality to maximize the efficiency of our customers' businesses.

At Deltanexx, we believe in the strength of business solutions and its capabilities of helping businesses grow. We take pride in being able to share our knowledge and experiences in order to help our customers improve their processes through technology.

Although technology is constantly evolving, the world of business applications was lacking behind. The last years, the tide has shifted greatly leading to a need for heavy digital transformation for all businesses. Deltanexx is there to help out businesses with this digital transformation and provide tailor-made advice and services to be ready for the digital future.


Our vision is that technology, and business applications in particular, should empower an organization to live up to its highest potential.
These business applications are there to lighten the workload, optimize processes and in the end, provide valuable data to set an organization on the right path for a bright future.


Our mission is to help customers unlock their growth potential by providing them with tailored advice, services and software to support and optimize their processes. In short, we do what we do best so that our customers can do the same!